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General information about our medical services

Welcome to the clinic operated by DR Lepik

I provide a 24/7 private service for those that have clinical and/or acute alcohol poisoning or abuse. I can also provide medical treatment for a Drug(insert drugs ie cocaine,) overdose or concerns of Drugging as in Date rape. I can give all treatments privately with out involvement of the authorities. My private service allows you to avoid the emergency centre of the hospital if you are experiencing symptoms that require immediate treatment. All services are confidential and can be administered in your home/hotel.

I am registered in the UK in general medicine and have over 10 years experience. I have practiced in the US/EU and Asia. I have specialised practice and experience in detoxicology with medically proven techniques and treatments that are endorsed by the british medical council. My pharmacological treatments are emergency hospital grade and can only be obtained by certified Dr's and clinks.

The treatments are quick acting and can only be administered by a Dr. These treatments are all CE certified. You will feel instant recovery to the acute symptoms. Long term affects can also be treated with support.

My clinic is fully mobile in the London area and is available 24/7. If you or relative or friend is experiencing acute symptoms do not risk not seeking immediate medical assistants. Ring this number to talk to me directly and treatment can be given immediately.

London visiting doctor service is open

24 hours a day, 7 days a week